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Ideas for dealing with plug placement.

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#1 Jason

  • LocationSurrey

Posted 04 September 2011 - 04:49 PM

Hi Guys

I have had a few people ask me what the best way would be to make plugs less conspicious in the tank (assuming they are not in a frag rack)

Here are a few ideas.

1.The easiest way is to cut the plug down. First cut the plug in half, then as close to the top rim as you want for the second cut. Be carefull not to remove the tips of your fingers with the final cut. I am using our bone cutters, but a slim side cutter or tin snips should do as good a job.

Once the plug is cut down, use glue or milliput to attach it to the rock.

2.Drill the live rock. First start off with a 6 or 8mm drill bit to pilot the hole. Then use about a 12mm bit, then finish with around a 16 to 18mm bit to get the plug nice and flush. This method is a little more difficult and of course requires tools, but gives a good aesthetic finish.

3. Use a Plug Pebble.

4. Remove the zoa from the plug and re attach it to your live rock.

Here are the pics. Feel free to ask any questions Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

ZS MEMBERS: Please remember to NOT double up frags in a single postage tube. For the highest possible success rate use 1 frag per tube.

Please allow zoa's to heal for at least 2 weeks after fragging before sending them out.

#2 wdarby

  • LocationStockport Cheshire

Posted 04 September 2011 - 04:56 PM

A nice idea Jason, I have around 15 frag plugs on one of your frag racks that I just don't know what to do with at the mo - really keen on your frag rocks (the new larger ones) :D
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#3 djnash

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Posted 04 September 2011 - 05:00 PM

i just cut them down and get a pinch of milliput and put them in the cracks in the rocks and its not too long before they colonise the rock you have just stuck them to or simply buy some of jasons great pebble plugs... :D

#4 airconadam

  • Locationlancashire

Posted 04 September 2011 - 08:19 PM

I have a few kg of LR rubble so i use that,sometimes as stated the plugs do look a little rubbish sat in the middle of a rock in the tank,

But very good idea jason,

Adam :D
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